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Since childhood you have been gazing at the sky, the birds, and you have been craving to touch this wonderful world? Could that ever happen to you?

Tandem paragliding flight is the easiest way to reach the birds' world, to soar in the sky while enjoying tranquility, silence and a beautiful bird-eye view.

How to fly in a tandem?

The tandem flight is held by an experienced pilot using a tandem paraglider wing that is much safer and twice bigger than a normal wing. During flight the pilot is located behind the passenger. The pilot's position is a little above than the passenger in order to have a good visibility and control of the paraglider. Both, pilot and passenger sit in very comfortable seats called harnesses. Thus, passengers can enjoy flight in hours. It is recommended that the passenger wears comfortable shoes that cover the ankle and a long-sleeved top. Before taking off the pilot will explain every single step that the passenger will have to do at take-off, during the flight and while landing. All those steps are simple and do not require any preliminary preparation.

Who can fly?

Anyone, regardless of gender, age or weight.

Where can I fly?

Tandem flights are held at various sites in Burgas region, depending on the meteorological conditions. The most common places are the Sea Garden of Burgas, Biberna peak near Kableshkovo town, and the mountain peak above the village of Topolica in Aitos region.

When is the best time to fly?

Any day without rain, when there is a suitable wind direction and speed.

How long should I fly?

Flights last approximately 15-20 min, depending on the weather conditions, and prolonged at the passenger's desire. If you choose to fly cross-country, the flight duration may be over 1 hour.

How high should I fly?

Flights take place at an altitude of 20 to 200 meters above the ground depending on the flying site and weather conditions. Mountain cross-country flights could reach altitides up to 2500m and distance over 20km :-).

May I take pictures in the air?

You can take with you digital or video camera to record the emotions of what you will see.

What if I like it too much?

Later on, if you wish, you can continue with a paragliding course :-).


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